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Dragon on the Lake

Dragon on the Lake

2017 Dragon on the Lake

Benefiting Charities

CharityDragon on the Lake began as a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Orion Art Center, a fundraiser for the Orion Art Center’s scholarships, classes, camps and community outreach.

As the festival continues to grow, so does the opportunity to raise money for charity. By partnering with community organizations, we’ve enabled them to raise funds for their own causes through Dragon on the Lake.  For example, the local Knights of Columbus dragon pub partnership provided funds for remodeling costs at the K of C building. The Movie in the Park partnership with the Village of Lake Orion Parks of Rec added the equivalent of 20% of their annual budget back to their bottom line. The Lake Orion Lions Club also helps with the family movie and their proceeds help to fund their many community projects. In addition;

  • Dragon Boat teams can row for good, gaining pledges and holding benefits for the charity of their choice and the Orion Art Center has also been proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from the Dragon Boat Races to fund cancer research and awareness. The Orion Art Center is proud to have donated thousands of dollars back to local cancer research and treatment facilities since the start of the festival.
  • The Baby Dragon is a daily 50/50. Look volunteers in Culver’s t-shirts selling tickets daily. The winners will be drawn at 10pm, each night, at the Dragon Pub and announced from the main stage.

We want to thank everyone who sees Dragon on the Lake as a chance to give back. It brings a little extra meaning to the fun.